Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The Way We Were

Memories, light the corners of my mind. Misty watercolored memories of the way we were. 
Scattered pictures of smiles we left behind, smiles we give to one another for the way we were.  
Can it be that it was all so simple then or has time rewritten every line?  
If we had the chance to do it all again, tell me.  Would we? Could we?  Memories, may be beautiful and yet whats to painful to remember we simple choose to forget.  
So it's the laughter we will remember, whenever we remember ...the way we were.

Thunders Picks For the New CSR Cycle

Skin: +Nuuna+ Zoe Skin
Hair: Tameless Hair Prue (Naturals)
Dress: NS:: Mesh Ghosty Suspender Skirt @ CSR
Boots: Tameless Combat Boots
Armwarmers: Maitreya Armwarmers (midnight)
Socks: DeeTaleZ Thick Wool Socks (black)
Baseball Bat: TonkTastic Spiked Baseball Bat

Skin: ::DS:: Antoinette Bisque (Grapefruit) @ CSR
Hair: N1CO GAGA-liciouse Cane Curlers (blonde)
Shorts and Belt: Gojo Creations Mini Shorts w/belt @ CSR
Shirt: Static Lylah Bodysuit (black) @ CSR
Slippers: Montagne Noire Le Chaussons Slippers (black)
Cigerette: [NikotiN] Haters <3 me
Tattoo: [Zentro] Live free tattoo @ CSR

Skin: Modish Albina Winter Cream
Hair: *Milk* Catching Mermaids (blondes)
Dress: [M.O.W] Mika Sweater (v2) @ CSR
Leggings: *Reign. Cozies (slink/black)
Leggings: *Milk* Knee Bands (noir)
Necklace: MG. Cross of Assisi (silver/black)
Bracelet: (Epoque.s) Triple Threat Cuff (obsidian)
Earrings: .Pekka. Pyr Cross Earrings (black)
Ring: .Pekka. Pyr Cross Ring (black)

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