Saturday, 12 April 2014

My Ruin

Terror...This is what you call me.  I strike terror among men.
I cant be bothered with what they think I bare my cross, my soul, myself. I forgive, but I never forget.
Ive been put upon this earth in female form but I can handle myself with the best of you as well as the worst and I often have.
I have the right to remain silent but I choose to speak, sing, scream. I am lips, hips, Tits. 
I am the power of a woman strong like music, true like friendship.But without friends there would be no music only spoken word fucker!
I am able to change so I live without regret, without remorse. Only a remix I am drunk, I am sober.  
Heaven doesnt want me and hells afraid Ill take over.  Dont bother trying to censor me or shut me up because it wont work.

~Reina Skin~Andree Blouse~Eyeliner Pack~Butterfly Necklace~

Skin: *P.c* Reina Skin w/eyelashes (pale) ~New~
Hair: Milk Hair Meet Me In Paris (blondes) ~New~
Shirt: *P.c* Andree Blouse (pack 1) ~New~
Necklace: *P.c* Butterfly Necklace (pink) ~New~
Eyeliner: *P.c* Eyeliner (pack 2) ~New~

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