Saturday, 14 December 2013


Hey my little girl. Would you come to join me now? I will show you then what you've never seen before.
  Let me take you down to my secret place tonight.  I want to play with you. You just let yourself go.
We don't have to die. We don't have to be afraid.  Nothing can do us harm.  We are immortal.
We won't grow older now. We're so young and so strong. We take what we want. We are the Lords of a new age.
This is my Kingdom, these are my rules.  You just follow me.  You will be the Queen of all these pleasures eternally. 
Pain and sorrow, hate and fear. Everythings so far away.

Thunders Picks at the New CSR Round 

Skin: [Chloe] Carol Skin ~NEW at CSR~
Hair: Ploom Brandy (Blondes)
Outfit: Awear PVC Santa Outfit Includes Basque, Boots, Armwarmers and Hat ~NEW at CSR~
Collar: G.Id ID Plug Collar ~NEW~
Tattos: Xtrem-Style Tattoos Bird, Cat and Bird 2 ~NEW~

Skin: [Chloe] Anna Skin ~NEW at CSR~
Hair: Truth Hair Renata (Light Blondes)
Outfit: Awear Britney Dress Includes Dress, Boots, Ears and Nose ~NEW at CSR~
Collar: G.Id ID Plug Collar ~NEW~

Skin: [Chloe] Isa Skin ~NEW at CSR~
Outfit: Awear Dorothy Winter Outfit Includes Pants, Shirt, Boots, Hat w/Hair ~NEW at CSR~

Skin: [Chloe] Alessandra Skin ~NEW at CSR~
Outfit: Awear Little Snowflake Outfit Includes Shirt, Boots, Panties, Gloves and Earmuffs ~NEW at CSR~
Pants: D-Style Olivia Leggings

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